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Gas Leak Repair

Your Local Neighborhood Plumber’s technicians are specially-trained in handling natural gas leaks in your home.  Our repairs are always done with safety at the forefront, and we repair your leak in a manner that is up to code and reduces the chances of leaks in the future.

The most common cause of gas leaks are aging lines in most cases.  If you live in an old home or building, it’s very common that the gas lines in your structure could be a bit archaic.  Many times, if you call the Southern California Gas Company about servicing a leak that is located past their meters in your home, they’ll advise you to seek out a plumber.

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When this happens, call your Local Neighborhood Plumber for help from a highly-trained and highly-trusted source.

Gas leaks not only cost you money on your utility bill, but have the potential of being dangerous. We need not look further than horrible recent events in San Bruno, Harlem and Porter Ranch when seeing the kind of effect that a natural gas leak can have on health and overall safety. It is important to fix the issue immediately to close up any leaks before they get worse.

We handle gas leak repairs throughout Los Angeles and the Valley

Our technicians are always available and can service many aspects of your home’s gas system– including, but not limited to, gas pool heaters, gas fire places, stoves, ovens, main lines behind your meter, mounted gas lamps, mounted gas barbecue grills, Jacuzzi heaters and more.

If you smell natural gas in your home, please refrain from causing any sparks until the issue is resolved for your safety. The stronger the stench of gas is in your area, the more dangerous it becomes. If you’re not sure if the source is behind your line or outside, seek help from your utility company or call 311 immediately. Our technicians are standing by and can be dispatched to you anywhere in the San Fernando Valley or Greater Los Angeles Area at the drop of a hat.

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